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Episode 1: Building Extended Reality Products in 3D with Tim Raftis

Learn Tim's keys to success when building products with Augmented and Virtual Reality in complex fields such as semiconductor manufacturing.

In this episode, Tim Raftis, the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at TAP (Training All People), discusses how their product up-skills workers in technical fields, particularly in manufacturing careers, using Extended Reality (XR). The conversation delves into the unique challenges of building products in a 3D world, the ideal use cases for mixed reality environments, and the importance of the sensory experience. The episode also covers the product development process for XR, the way they conceptualize features in multiple dimensions, the role of XR subject matter experts, and the limitations of the Meta Quest and the Apple Vision Pro for B2B use cases.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Introduction (02:52)

  • The Mission of TAP (03:07)

  • Understanding XR (Extended Reality) (05:47)

  • Unique Product Challenges in XR (06:48)

  • The Importance of Sensory Experience in XR (08:04)

  • Ideal Use Cases for XR (12:39)

  • The First Use Case for TAP (16:14)

  • The Product Development Process in Extended Reality (19:16)

  • The Importance of Subject Matter Experts in Extended Reality (23:27)

  • The Role of Hardware in XR (34:29)

  • Future Directions for TAP (38:01)

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